That’s not an issue. We use ninja Photoshop skills to remove it. If they usually wear a harness, a collar is better for your session as a harness can’t be removed with Photoshop.

There are three magic ingredients to a shoot — the star of the show, location and lighting. Sessions take place in beautiful surroundings such as beaches, woodland, or in the urban environment. We are always location scouting and can suggest a range of options and all of our packages include travel within 20 miles of Port Talbot.

Photographing a black dog well is all about understanding the quality and direction of available light. It’s the same for all white dogs; we adjust to make the most of the session.

They like treats and squeaks. Those and a few other tricks up our sleeve will mean we can get them into position for the microsecond to get the shot. It’s not just about getting your dog to “do stuff” we make sure they are comfortable with us so that their personality can shine through.

As many dogs as you have! (As long as they’re from the same household).

Not at all, if you wanted to be though without fully committing, it can be as simple as standing beside them or a silhouette.  One half of Mutts Like Us (Dan) has a thing for photographing people so we both dog and people photo skills. 

Your dog dotes on you, and we can totally use that to help set up some shots.  A dog photo session is a lot like organised chaos, so yeah, please get in there with us and make those pics!

Bring some of their favourite treats with you.
A collar and lead if they usually wear a harness. 
Feeding them so that they are on the peckish side for the shoot is a great idea.
Also, bring some of their favourite toys, balls, squeaks with you if you think it’ll help get their attention.

For scorching weather bring extra water. If its raining, and umbrella, wellies and a towel are a good idea. If the weather is terrible, then we will arrange the shoot.